News: Owzat?!! Dale features in £440,000 Sports Pavilion

sports pavilion timber windows and doors

A £440,000 Sports Pavilion in Stedham, West Sussex now features a range of made to measure timber windows and doors by Dale.


A major community fundraising campaign to help breathe new life into sports in Stedham, West Sussex saw the new Sports Pavilion created to help create a base not only for local sports teams but to create a facility for community groups and a venue for parties and meetings.


The original Stedham Collins Club opened on Friday, December 12, 1884, after the building and sports field were gifted by the Scrimgeour family. There were three baths for villagers, a library and reading room and the ground floor opened up to members as a coffee house in 1886.


But after villagers in the local area got together a major fundraising campaign was launched and the monies and funds secured to build a beautiful new sports pavilion.


As part of the new build, Dale were selected to provide a range of windows and doors for the Pavilion. A long run of the Dale made-to-measure timber windows and doors were created to provide a fantastic, sweeping, viewing area out onto the cricket and football pitches.


Why Dale?

More environmentally responsible than plastic versions, our timber windows and doors also rival performance and last twice as long.

Made to measure  new wooden windows and doors; constructed from environmentally responsible timber, protected with factory applied water-based paints or stains and saving energy with low u-value glass and thermally efficient double glazing were selected.


Innovative components

With our experience producing timber windows and doors we were able to offer a classic design with long lasting, reliable components and secure locking mechanisms. Modern technology combined with traditional techniques, maximised the strength of the windows and doors, increasing the thermal efficiency of glass and double glazing, minimising maintenance and providing high levels of security.

Beautifully finished Pavilion

Factory applied water-based ‘micro-porous’ paint was applied for a smooth finish, multiple coats ensuring the timber is perfectly protected from the elements. Such thorough weatherproofing is achieved that minimal maintenance is needed to guarantee the lifetime of the timber windows and doors, redecoration is easy; no sanding, just a thorough clean and one coat of paint.

Easy installation

Each window and door was made to the exact specifications requested,  factory glazed and beautifully finished.
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