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Bi-fold Doors

bi-fold doors

Space saving, beautiful bi-fold doors installed between rooms or out onto the garden, our range of bespoke sliding folding doors offer a stylish way to change the feel of a room completely, connecting inside and out seamlessly.

Allowing vast amounts of natural light into the room whilst offering splendid views onto the garden, the doors fold and slide elegantly to completely open the room. The doors can be configured to suit the layout of the room, the doors stack outside and has a potential span of 9 metres.

The bi-folding doors are completely bottom running which means no weight pressure on the lintels for long lasting, easy and simple to operate doors and mechanisms. It may also be possible to fit the lower track flush in the floor to create an unobstructed floor for a stylish  seamless effect in dividing or opening up internal spaces.

Our top performing double glazing ensures that the room maintains a comfortable temperature all year round, the weight of the glass is supported easily with engineered, or multi-layered, timber. Strong, durable and rigid, the bi-fold doors retain their precise fit with no twisting or warping.

These double glazed folding sliding doors are easy to fit and with a factory applied paint or stain protection, they require nothing more once installed. Job done.