Performance Double Glazing

The double glazing we fit as standard in both our new doors and windows are top performers, energy efficient units that have a superb u-value for retaining warmth and saving money on energy bills.

The high levels of security that all our products offer are assisted by the construction of the glazing units – with the panes of glass fitted from the inside of the units, there is no risk of an intruder gaining entry through the removal of the glass. 

Modern glass technology has improved the quality of the light allowed through the pane, glass that keeps the heat on one side yet allows natural light through, almost the same as clear glass which stops any noticeable light reduction in darker rooms, such as you find in Victorian terraces.

The joint at which the two panes of glass are turned into a single unit is a weak point in the construction of the double glazing. Any point where two surfaces meet is a potential spot for losing valuable heat, the warm spacer bars that we employ are produced from a highly insulating material with a very low energy transfer rate. 

Ensuring that the double glazing has excellent insulation properties is not just a winter benefit. The lack of energy being able to travel across the double glazing means that the hot sun in the summer is kept out of rooms, going a long way to keeping your home comfortable even in rooms that feature a lot of windows, such as conservatories and orangeries.

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Rollover the numbers to find out more Maximum protection fully draught stripped Exceptional Optical Clarity Rebated glazing beads Internal beads for security Neat, coloured seals Damage free re-glazing Warm edge spacer bars Effective glazing Mist prevention Multi-layer timber

1. Multi-layered, 'engineered' timber - a wood stronger than the sum of it's parts

When wood absorbs moisture it swells and bends and twists in the direction of the grain - by layering wood with the grain of it's neighbour lying in the opposite direction, the forces are cancelled out and no resultant movement occurs. This means warp free and twist free timber, strong windows and doors that are impervious to the movement that causes sticking and jamming.

Engineering timber is an old method used to construct large buildings and bridges that increases the natural strength of wood, so it can be used near the sea and over water as well as in 'large span' structures. The technique of using it in windows and doors was rare in this country, up till now.

Wood is back in the good books and it is, thankfully, changing the look of windows - real wood is making a come back due to long life times with low costs and low environmental impact it is the modern material for timber windows and doors.

2. Impressive optical clarity
As glass technology advances we are able to utilise exceptional quality materials in our performance double glazing - stopping heat transfering across the unit without interfering too much in the natural light allowed into the home. Our glass has a light transmittance of 77% with is getting close to the value of 81% that of plain glass.

3. Almost twice as effective as ordinary double glazing
We make sure that every aspect of our double glazing performs as well as it can with the very best components, Our standard double glazed units feature top performance glass along with warm edge spacer bars and argon gas for superb insulation they boast a 1.1 W/m2K centre pane u-value which equates to 45% more energy saved than with ordinary double glazing, 80% more than single glazing.

4. Simple security with internal beads
A common way to gain entry to a house is by removing the glass from a window - we fit ours room side, very simple, very effective security measure that actually looks smarter and cleaner than the glass fitted externally.

5. Easy re-glazing
Simple replacement of glass if necessary, the surrounding window is uneffected and will not even require a paint.

6. Matching colour seals
With specially designed channels to accommodate the sealant, a close and effective seal is created preventing any moisture from sitting in the joins of the timber windows. The coloured sealant keeps the smart appearance of the windows.

7. Warm edge spacer bars
Made from a modern material chosen for it's exceptional low conductivity - heat transfer is minimised at a weak point in the construction of a double glazed unit - by increasing the insulation properties of the glazing at this point the overall heat loss is greatly reducced.

8. Clean finish with a rebated beading
On standard timber window and frame construction a crack appears between the bead and the frame. Our rebated bead avoids this whilst creating a clean, professional finish.

9. Preventing mist with drainage and ventilation channels
These important additions ensure that any moisture is allowed to drain away from the windows so avoiding any build up that can lead to misting on the windows.

10. Fully draught stripped

11. Minimal maintenance and a long life come from our factory applied micro-porous coatings
A thorough system that includes a base coat of preservative and two of the top coat, micro-porous paint or wood stain, all spray applied in our factory before assembly for a watertight barrier with a professional finish.

In normal conditions it will be 8 years before the paint will require redecoraton, for the woodstain it is 5 years.
With such a beautifully smooth finish sanding is not required when the time has come to redecorate, in fact it should only take around 30 minutes per window, a thorough clean and one coat of paint and the protection is renewed for a further 8 years. Exposed areas and properties near the sea will reduce the time before reapplication is needed.