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Double Glazed Stormproof Casement Windows

Stormproof Timber Casement Windows - Interior and exterior view

Stormproof casement windows or ‘lipped casements’ are designed for those harsher environments where an extra level of weather protection is required.

The edge of the window is wider than the opening so when drawn closed it forms a protective lip over the frame to protect against extreme weather conditions. The highly efficient double glazing units and draught stripping maintain excellent insulating properties. Made to measure to suit your needs, our timber stormproof casement windows are perfectly suited to properties that experience the worst of the weather – particularly in exposed and coastal locations. Such is the style that our stormproof windows are suitable for many properties built after the war.

To provide enhanced protection against the elements, our robust windows are constructed from tough multi-layer timber that is warp and twist resistant and engineered to last a long time. The extremely thorough covering achieved from a factory applied paint or woodstain finish is easy to maintain and lasts for many years. Choose from an extensive paint range with different colours available on the interior and exterior. Once these windows are installed there is no further work required as all the paint or stain is pre-applied.

Security is vitally important and our windows are all PAS24 certified. The high standard, internal beading and multi-point locking mechanisms guard against intruders and do not allow the panes of glass to be removed from the exterior of the property.

Our range of timber windows are all designed to complement our beautiful timber doors – from front doors to bi-fold, patio and french doors.

To find out more about our range of made to measure stormproof casement windows and where you can order them email us on sales@dalewindows.co.uk or call us and speak to one of the team on 0845 652 7399. You can also visit the Dale shophouse at the National Self Build Centre, just off Junction 16 of the M4 at Swindon.

Technical Accreditations

Our stormproof window range has been independently tested and approved in accordance with BS 6375-1:2009 and BS 6375-2:2009

Part 1 - Weathertightness

Part 2Operation & Strength

Has exceeded requirements for:

Air Permeability (EN1026)

Watertightness (EN1027)

Resistance to Wind (EN12211)
Operating Forces (En 12046)
Static Torsion (EN 14609) Racking (EN 14608)
Soft Body Impact (EN 13049) Safety (EN 14609)
Repeated Opening (EN 1191)

The window passed all the necessary criteria for both top and side hung windows. All stormproof windows meet or exceed the required U Values and BFRC energy ratings.